Welcome to Sweetpotato Soundsystem

Over the last 25 years Sweetpotato Promotions and Soundsystem has established itself as the place to be to experience the best in ital roots and bass music.

Sweetpotato has always been firmly rooted in promoting dub roots music growing from its African roots following Jamaican and the UK roots and now a global reggae scene. Now renowned for specialising in modern bass heavy music such as digital dub and dancehall, drum & bass, jungle and dubstep. Sweetpotato Soundsystem brings its heavyweight sound to any environment - with 20 years residency at Subdub events in Leeds UK.

Sweetpotato is based in Nottingham, England, like Robin Hood we spread positive vibes of strength against oppressors in unity - that true hearts and just deeds will prevail.
As well as our playing all the best rootical vibes through our bass heavy sound-system, Sweetpotato's creative team will transform any venue with its hand made decor, sculpture and lighting effects. Our Sweetpotato environment is heavily influenced by reggae imagery, tribal art from around the world and nature. Sweetpotato's team of decor and multimedia artists create a dub tribal jungle environment to compliment the music and empower our message of cultural and environmental harmony.

Our aim is to create a whole sensory environment using sound, decor and projections, that is a safe place for people to enjoy themselves in and at the same time raise public awareness and acceptance of our global roots culture, in all it's positive and beautiful influences.